30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Prompt: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

In My Opinion…

I just struggled for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out how to start off this post. Then, it hit me: I am somehow going to try to “justify” my feelings with an afterthought phrase, such as “in my opinion.” But, I don’t think I really need to do that, seeing as this is my precious little world. Regardless, know that my opinions don’t have to mesh with yours. Everything will still be okay. The world will not end… in my opinion.

It okay. Don't be cry.


Okay, so Drugs. I have never had anything to do with illegal drugs (this includes marijuana), for several reasons. To be honest, they terrify me. I have never had the desire, and I don’t understand the intrigue and fascination with them. I like to be in control of my body and completely aware of my surroundings. Also, I have always wanted to be good a role model (if for no one else, my little sister). It’s corny, but true.

My Little Padawan.

Alcohol. I do enjoy a good drink once in a while.


Location: The Encounter at LAX. Description: Yum.

However, I didn’t drink until I turned 21. What can I say? I’m a rule follower – I follow rules. In high school, I steered clear of the typical party scene and developed my own with other like-minded teens. And, not to speak for the others, but I know I had a good time. It was a pressure-free environment where we could just act our age.

These days, it is all about moderation.

Ep: Beer Bad... Or... Buffy Learns About Moderation


Again, I like to be in control. I like to know where I have been. I like remember my nights. And although I do occasionally enjoy being the sober end of a good drunk dial from some unnamed friends (you know who you are), that’s not how I want to spend my Friday night (or Saturday morning, in some cases).

Liz Lemon: Drunk Dialer


I have learned that the stronger the drink, the more likely I am going to say something awkward or embarrassing.


Let’s face it, being the Queen of Awkward, I embarrass myself enough as it is. I really don’t need any help.

"It was awesome. He was flinging on skates, and the little monkey was funny. I wanna see it again!!"


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