30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4

Prompt: Your views on religion.

A Living Relationship

I consider my relationship with God to be a living thing. By that, I mean that it is constantly expanding and changing. In fact, I think relationship is pretty much the perfect word to describe religion. Much like my relationships with the many wonderful people in my life, no one else has quite the same feelings/connections as I do. I think that it is these differences that make the relationships so special and unique.

Personally, I feel most at home and closest to God when I am out in nature. Some of my favorite memories are hiking with my family and our dogs. There is just something about being surrounded by natural beauty that makes my heart overflow with adoration for the Lord.

Occasionally, when the timing is right, I love to discuss religion with family and a few choice friends… even (or maybe especially) if we don’t agree on everything.

I  don’t regularly go to church. One reason is that I haven’t really felt that special connection to the ones I have visited. To be completely honest, I am in no rush. Many of the churches I have been to have felt stifling, claustrophobic, stagnant, or gimmicky – to me. That’s not the kind of relationship I want to have with God.

Not everyone can have the same relationship. Ultimately, no matter the title it is given, I think that everyone has to find what makes them feel most at home.

Creatures great...

... and small.

Breathe it in.


Pictures by me. Locations include the Wichita Mountains and Lake Lawtonka in Oklahoma, the Santa Monica Pier in California, and the British Virgin Islands.

You may have noticed that this post isn’t the usual tone (humorous and witty – at least to me). Although I do love a good laugh at religion’s expense,


Healing the world's leopards, one at a time...


I figured I would give the humor somewhat of a rest.

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