30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

Prompt: Discuss your first love and first kiss.

Falling in Love…


My Imaginary Very Real Affair with Jonathan Taylor Thomas

First Love…. Ooo, I know you can’t wait to hear all about my misadventures in love, right? Well, sorry to disappoint. I have not fallen in love yet. The closest I have come to love, I think, would be my obsession with this stud muffin.

For me, JTT?


I pretty much “loved” Mr. Thomas from age 7-ish until… um…

Well, did I ever really stop “loving” him? I mean, look at him…

Cutie Pie


The certain teen heartthrobs of today ain’t got nothing on JTT. Just sayin’…

On a scale of 1 to JTT, a certain sparkly vampire would score a measly 4 and an annoyingly adorable singer would never (yes, I said never) measure up.

First Kiss… Hmm, well besides smooching the Home Improvement poster that hung in my room during grade school, I didn’t kiss anyone until I was 16. Part of this was due to the fact that I wasn’t allowed to date until I could drive. Also, I was am extremely picky and a total nerd, but you already knew that.


Team Tenth


Since I just want to keep some details to myself, I will let you in on a few small tidbits that make the kiss seem incredibly cliché (It was actually really sweet and a lovely first kiss).

Once upon a cliché time…

– He was a Senior. I was a Sophomore.

– He was a football player. I was a Highstepper (dance team).

– I was incredibly nervous. He was totally adorable.

The end.


Who was your childhood crush?

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