30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14

Prompt: Your earliest memory.

Back in the Day…

Hmmm, this is a tough one. Strangely enough, I can’t pin-point which of my early childhood memories is actually my earliest. Maybe it’s just me. Can some people actually do this? Regardless, here are some things that I remember, bullet point style. Feel free to guess which one is actually my earliest memory… as I have no idea.

  • Walking with my Grandma to Dairy Queen.
  • Sitting on one of these thing-ies (after a few minutes of web searching, I discovered they are called “kickstools”) at the library and leafing through The Berenstain Bears and Little Bear… I guess I liked bears?



I probably should have read this particular story a few more times...





I still adore Little Bear.

  • Running through the sprinklers.
  • Singing and dancing to The Little Mermaid Soundtrack with my friend Audrey.
  • Playing “Homeward Bound.” We would each choose a character from the movie and act it out. I always wanted to be Chance, but somehow ended up playing Shadow. Note: This movie still makes me cry like a baby.


"Home is just over those mountains..."


  • Singing the “It’s Over” song when ever a movie started rolling credits.
  • Running to my parents when one of the following happened:
  1. When the blank screen came on after the credits of a movie finished. For some reason this was terrifying to us, and probably why we invented the “It’s Over” song… so we wouldn’t have to face the blank screen alone.
  2. When Gmork appeared during The Neverending Story. It was one of my favorite movies, but Gmork scared the crap out of me.


I referred to Gmork as The Nothing, even though he was actually just a servant to The Nothing.


3. When the Abominable Snowman came on screen in the claymation Rudolph.




  • Playing in my family’s tiny garden and eating strawberries and tomatoes right from the vine. I also remember being scared of the slugs and garden spiders that occasionally invaded.
  • Flopsy, my white rabbit (so named because one of her ears flopped over), which reminds me, I also loved Peter Rabbit. Still do, in fact.
  • Watching Seabert and Casper, among other things.



Casper (and fox friend)


  • Watching these Christmas cartoons. Still love these… I need to buy them on DVD. Hector’s Hectic Life was my absolute favorite. It makes me giggle. And yes, I did just watch it. You should, too.



Well, that’s just a tiny glimpse of my childhood. So nice to look back at the lovely memories.

What is one of your favorite childhood memories?


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