30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

Prompt: One of your favorite shows.

To Each Generation… There Is A Slayer Show…

This post is a toughie. I love television. Admittedly, I used to be one of those people who claimed that they “didn’t really watch TV.” No longer true, boys and girls. But then, of course, you already know this if you have read any of my previous posts. Because I have such a crazy passion for several shows, it’s difficult to choose which one to discuss.

So which show is The Chosen One?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



I started watching BtVS about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, Hulu only had Seasons 1-3, so I had to put my new-found love on hold. I had Netflix, but since it was such a pain in the butt to only be able to get one or two discs at a time, I didn’t bother. Then, early last year, something truly wonderful happened – Netflix Streaming picked it up. All 7 Seasons. Glorious. I was in Buffy Heaven. I started Season 4, while simultaneously getting my roommate addicted with Season 1. The rest is history.

I’ll admit, I was very skeptical of Buffy before I watched it. However, when I finally decided to put aside my preconceived notions of a show about a girl who fights vampires and demons, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I laughed. I cried sobbed. I fell in love with all the boys (yes, even Giles), and wanted to be all the girls (well… most of them). Strangely, in a way, it felt like BtVS could sum up most my experiences in high school, college, and my life outside of school so far. Minus the demons (or maybe not). At one time or another, I could identify with just about every character. And that’s one of the brilliant things about Joss Whedon’s work. He fully develops the characters. There’s almost always a backstory to give the viewer a taste of why each particular character is the way that he/she is. As an actor, I have to appreciate and love that, and pray that I get to work with someone so creative and courageous. But, before I write yet another love letter to Joss Whedon (Ooo… I see a future blog topic)…. back to Buffy.

Because I don’t want to spoil any plot points for those of you who haven’t watched it (I would say shame on you, but I, too, was late to the Buffy-Party), I will just list a few of my favorite episodes:

  1. S1 Ep.7 Angel
  2. S2 Ep. 7 Lie to Me
  3. S2 Ep. 13/14 Surprise/Innocence (2 Parts)
  4. S2 Ep. 17 Passion
  5. S2 Ep. 19 I Only Have Eyes for You
  6. S3 Ep. 12 Helpless
  7. S3 Ep. 13 The Zeppo
  8. S3 Ep. 16 Doppelgangland
  9. S3 Ep. 17 Enemies
  10. S4 Ep. 3 The Harsh Light of Day
  11. S4 Ep. 9 Something Blue
  12. S4 Ep. 10 Hush
  13. S4 Ep. 15/16 This Year’s Girl/Who Are You (2 Parts)
  14. S4 Ep. 17 Superstar
  15. S5 Ep. 7 Fool for Love
  16. S5 Ep. 16 The Body (Simply amazing.)
  17. S5 Ep. 21 The Weight of the World
  18. S6 Ep. 5 Life Serial
  19. S6 Ep. 7 Once More With Feeling
  20. S6 Ep. 8 Tabula Rasa
  21. S6 Ep. 9 Smashed
  22. S6 Ep. 17 Normal Again
  23. S6 Ep. 19 Seeing Red
  24. S7 Ep. 5 Selfless
  25. S7 Ep. 7 Conversations with Dead People
  26. S7 Ep. 12 Potential
  27. S7 Ep. 16 Storyteller
  28. S7 Ep. 17 Lies My Parents Told Me
  29. S7 Ep. 18 Dirty Girls
  30. S7 Ep. 19 Empty Places

Note: I originally listed many more. I cut this list back from 70+ episodes (out of 144… yeah, I know that’s about half… shut up) to my Top 30 Non-Finale Episodes, Top 10 are in bold (of course, this list really doesn’t mean much because I love them all)… I could wax poetical about any one of these episodes (and, obviously, many others), but that wouldn’t be a blog… that would be a novel. A Buffy Lover’s Novel. I digress.

What’s so interesting about the show is that while there are demons and epic fights and apocalypses (plural of apocalypse), the show actually focuses on relationships. Love, friendship, trust, loyalty, and loss… all of this with unbelievably witty word play and awesome pop culture references. And yes, there is the typical good vs. bad theme, but even that is explored at a deeper level to the point where sometimes you have to take a step back and realize that not everything is black and white.  I envy those who grew up with the show. Season 1 starts off a little more campy, and then the Buffy world gets darker and more complex as the seasons progress. So, so good. I can not emphasize the show’s excellence enough.

Please, if you haven’t seen it, take the trip to Sunnydale and just give it a try.

Other Great Shows: 30 Rock – Angel – Arrested Development – Battlestar Galactica – The Big Bang Theory – Castle – Doctor Who – Dollhouse – Extras – Firefly – Modern Family – Sherlock – Slings & Arrows – Spaced – Survivors – The Office – Parks & Recreation – Party Down – The Walking Dead

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