30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

Prompt: What kind of person attracts you.

I Want to Go to There

Here’s a general idea of the kind of guy that makes me want to pull out the ol’ guitar and write Taylor Swift-esque love songs…   Not that I would…

Personality and Interests:

  • Makes me laugh.
  • Witty…. extra points if he likes to spar with words.
  • Lover of art and literature.
  • Outdoors-y. I love camping and hiking… he should, too!
  • Animal lover… especially dogs. Big dogs.
  • Must love to travel.
  • Not clingy or possessive.
  • Genuinely kind.
  • Driven.
  • A touch of geek. Accepts my geek-y tendencies.
  • Understands and supports my goals (as I would do for him).
  • Accepts me as the independent and strong woman that I try to be.
  • Artistically inclined in some way is a plus.
  • A bit of a goofball.
  • Open-minded.
  • Doesn’t need to have “the perfect body” (goodness knows I don’t), but he should take care of himself.
  • The spark (I am a sucker for “the spark,” which, unless you have experienced it, is difficult to explain). Also known as “chemistry.”

Appearance. Let’s be honest, appearance plays a role in attraction. I don’t need an Adonis, but a good combination of the following can make me go all jelly in the knees:

  • A pair of kind eyes, with a touch of mischief.
  • A good head of hair.
  • A sweet smile, maybe a little coy.
  • Striking coloring (ex. blue eyes and dark hair).

Major Turn Offs (for further clarity and insight):

  • Smoking.
  • Movie-talkers.
  • Hipster/Overly-trendy types

There you have it. Take a number and get in line, gentlemen…

Totally kidding.

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