30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30

Prompt: Your highs and lows of this month.

Goodbye March!

The past month was a little slow activity-wise. It wasn’t a bad month, by any means. Just so you can get the full idea of what March was like for me, this time I will include the “lows,” although, they really aren’t that bad at all. Keep me in mind, this is stuff that directly concerns me, which is why I haven’t included world issues.

Blogging! – Of course, I started this blog. I forgot how much I liked the blog-style of writing. It can be quite fun. I am looking forward to writing about whatever I want to write about now, versus just sticking to the Blog Challenge.

Starting up with class again – I am so glad my acting class started up again. I had really missed it, and not having it was making me feel a little rusty.

Sitting in on auditions – I have been so fortunate to be able to sit in on some pretty high profile auditions this month. The result: I have become more aware of the image and product that I want to put out in an audition… and what to do to get there.

Hair – After a few months of giving my wallet a rest from the salon, I finally went back two days ago. This time, I decided to go a little more on the strawberry blonde side of red. I left feeling rejuvenated and awesome. +5 Charisma, at least.

Roommate Fun – Well, I think this pretty much speaks for itself. Of course, I can’t remember everything we did, but an example would be last night… we had a night in and watch Tangled and A Knight’s Tale. O, and we made fun of/spied on our neighbors. We are so cool.

This picture is from Lindsay's birthday in February, but I don't care.

Bar Method – I am so grateful that I found Bar Method. The classes seriously kick my butt. I love it. It brings me back to my ballet days, just a little bit. Check out the website for more info.


Frankenstein – The live streaming of Frankenstein that Lindsay and I saw was just brilliant. I can’t wait to watch it again with the roles of The Creature and Frankenstein reversed. Everything was just… incredible.


The Walking Dead Night – I bought The Walking Dead on Blu-ray and was finally able to introduce my roommate to the zombie-awesome-ness. We watched the entire series (six episodes) in one sitting. So, so good. I love that it really focuses on human relationships and interaction versus what the zombies are doing. Of course, the Special FX are stunning, as well.


“Garage Sale” – This episode of The Office was amazing. So, so good. No spoilers…

Phone Troubles – It’s no secret: I miss my iPhone. I switched from AT&T to Verizon (due to the fact that I had almost zero reception in my apartment with AT&T) two months before the Verizon iPhone was announced. Bad luck. My Droid has given me so many troubles. I have sent in for a replacement once already. So far, the replacement is working okay… but I still am not a fan. Honestly, I don’t even really use half the stuff that a smartphone should be used for because it is too troublesome to sync it with my Mac. Actually, it is pretty much impossible. But, I digress. It is a small matter.

Gas Prices – Everyone is dealing with this right now… and it sucks. Fortunately, I get pretty decent milage out of my car. Still, filling up (like I did yesterday) is a pain in the butt… and leaves a pretty big dent in my wallet.

Yesterday’s Heat – It’s pretty sad how spoiled I have become with California weather. In Oklahoma, it is considered to be a hot day when the temperature gets into the triple digits. In Los Angeles, it’s anything over 80. I am now so accustomed to Los Angeles weather, that I started acting like a wimp about yesterday’s heat. I’m a little lame…

After the car cooled down a little, the temperature dropped to about 91, but still....

That’s pretty much my month, recap-style. Here’s to March 2011!

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