Road Trip: San Diego

You Stay Classy

I love road trips. Seriously love. It’s actually pretty sad that since I have moved to Los Angeles, I haven’t explored the exciting nearby cities more. Hopefully, there will be future installments of other road trip adventures.  For now: San Diego.

Lindsay had a haircut appointment in San Diego and invited me to go along. Who was I turn to down the opportunity? We left Los Angeles around 10:30AM with a full tank of gas (bleh) and Starbucks (yay). We hit a little weekend traffic along the way, but completed the journey in about 3 hours… not too bad. It’s always nice to have an excuse (not that we need one) to blast showtunes, Big Band, and Disney music for an extended period of time.

Since we got there a couple hours before Lindsay’s appointment, we walked around the general area looking for a good place to get some lunch. There were a ton of cute little cafe/bistro places, and we finally settled on one: Olivetto. Sorry, no pictures. I think my brain was still half asleep for some reason. Anyway, the food was excellent. A brief rundown:

  • Fresh bread with olive oil and vinegar
  • Chicken with lemon caper sauce and steamed vegetables (mostly squash and broccoli – two of my favorites).

The bread was so delicious. I usually avoid eating non-whole grain bread, but since road trips are few and far between, I figured it was a splurge day. Let me tell you, this bread was a-mazing. It was fresh and light with a seasoned, crispy crust. The chicken and vegetables were great, as well. The roommate and I both happily cleaned our plates.

We walked around a little more, stopping off at a cute children’s toy store (I am a sucker for toy stores). We then headed to the salon. True to form, we were superbly early, so we sipped on tea (green for me, black for Lindsay), and perused magazines. Sadly, we could not find a single quiz. Are Cosmo and teen magazines the only ones that do quizzes? Obviously, I don’t read magazines much.

Lindsay got her haircut… and it is cute! Kind of a long-ish pixie… makes me think of an edgy Audrey Hepburn. Very chic. While we were there, I got a few compliments on my hair (the 2nd and 3rd compliments of the day). Thank you, Sharon!

After we finished up at the salon, we headed out in search of some good shopping and coffee! We decided on the Westfield Mission Shopping center, thanks to the suggestion from Lindsay’s stylist. Of course, I think the shopping center is the only place in California that does not have a Starbucks… seriously. We walked around the entire place, and finally settled on going to The Corner Bakery. We drooled over the brownies and cookies and ordered our lattes. We then proceeded to spend the next couple of hours searching through Nordstrom Rack and Loehman’s. I found some seriously soft sweatpants, but avoided buying them… My wallet thanks me. I ended up leaving with a really cute pair of boots, more than half off the original price! Hooray!

The Geek in me really likes these boots because they are “Elven Ranger-esque.”

The Chic likes them because they are summer-y boots – at least, I think so.                           I hate flipflops.

We drove around for a little bit, before deciding on a place to eat. We ending up stopping at Taste of Italy.

It was a good decision. And I remembered pictures this time!

The Rundown:

Predator Zinfandel, Lodi, 2008 (I believe)

I loved this wine. It was quite fruity, but I was in the mood for that. I’ll admit, I first asked to sample it purely because the name made me think of this cutie:


And these guys:


I am that cool.

Chicken Saltimbocca Alla Romano

Chicken Saltimbocca Alla Romano

Yes, more chicken. And it was superb and I demolished it, as well as the veggies. I didn’t bother with the garlic bread (not pictured) or the pasta, because I knew that I wanted dessert…

Chocolate Blackout Cake

The cake was pretty decent, but the icing was a little much. To be honest, the dessert was all a little “from the box” tasting. O, well. I still ate quite a bit of it, though I couldn’t finish it all.

Lindsay's Raspberry Cheesecake

I also had a bite of Lindsay’s Raspberry Cheesecake. It was also decent, but not the best cheesecake ever.

Overall, Taste of Italy was a success! Great food and wine! Also, there was an accordian player, who played some of our favorite songs (La Vie En Rose, It Had to Be You, etc). We dubbed the music selection as Rob Reiner/ Nora Ephron-esque.

We then set off for our journey home to LA. The trip back was about an hour quicker – no traffic. Thank goodness, too, because we were a little tired. Again, we blasted music the whole way home and blew out our voices singing along at the top of our lungs.

The entire journey made for quite the successful Saturday Road Trip!

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