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Fitness and Books

First Fitness things first. One of my monthly goals is to workout at least 6 times a week. I really cracked down on the plan this week. I will be honest, 9 times out of 10, I would much rather be in a fitness class and/or have someone coach me VS. running attempting to run on the treadmill or using the elliptical. Why? I know that I work harder if I have someone watching me and correcting my moves. I can really feel the workout in my body so much more. Yes, I will occasionally hit the gym for some elliptical or weights, but I really look forward to the classes. Plus, the energy is so incredible and really makes me push myself. Thanks to Groupon and Living Social, I can usually them at a discounted price. My body, my soul, and my wallet thank me. Win-Win-Win.

This is my schedule from this week:

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Zumba, 1 hour, x2 (I took both the morning and the evening class)

Tuesday – Bar Method, Mixed Level, 1 hour

Wednesday – Zumba, 1 hour

Thursday – Bar Method, Mixed Level, 1 hour

Friday – Fusion Yoga, 1 hour

Saturday – Zumba, 1 hour & Bar Method, Mixed Level, 1 hour

A little bit about why I like each of these classes:

Zumba – This really helps fill my dance class void. High energy, really fun music, jingly skirts, and lots of hip shaking. I am never bored and always leave drenched in sweat. What’s not to love?

Bar Method – This is one of the few strengthening classes that I have taken that actually truly works my muscles. Usually within the first 15 minutes of class, my legs are shaking uncontrollably from fatigue. I have only been going for a couple of weeks, but already I am seeing more definition in my muscles. There is a woman in one of the classes that I take who is in her late fifties… and I swear, if I didn’t know this, I would guess that she was mid-thirties. She has a seriously rockin’ body. Talk about inspiration.

Yoga – So far, I have only taken one yoga class, which was of the slow flow variety (lots of holds). I left stretched, sore, sweaty, and as silly as it may sound, peaceful. Of course, I went out and bought my own yoga mat the next day. Tomorrow, I am trying a class that mixes the slow flow with more of a cardio-based yoga. Excitement!

I also like to try to get at least 20 minute walk into my day. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, but I am working on doing this every day. Tonight, I walked to Barnes & Noble and picked up Tina Fey’s new book: Bossypants.


You know, because I need another book to read right now…

I still have Mockingjay to read:


As well as finish up Let The Right One In:


O, and Handling the Undead:


O, wait… and my mom sent me Heaven is for Real, which I got in the mail today. It sounds pretty interesting:


I just started Bossypants a little while ago. Love it so far. I hope to start and finish Mockingjay this weekend… I guess we shall see! Maybe a few book reviews will appear on this blog. That’s geek-y, right? Regardless, I think I am all set with reading material for a while.

Now, to go drink some more tea and read…

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